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Wondering how to book an elite London independent escort? Following this guide will guarantee the best experience for both of us, from start to finish.


I have a busy and varied schedule, so for my enjoyment and sanity I am selective about who I fit into my diary. This is not in a discriminatory way at all – I’m keen to meet many different kinds of people that I normally wouldn’t have the chance to spend time with. If you have good manners, respect, good hygiene and screen positively, I will do my best to make time for you.


If I have piqued your interest, please kindly fill out my booking request form below, with at least 24 hours notice.


Once this is complete, I will confirm the following details with you via my secure e-mail account dedicated to screening new clients, before finalising the details with you on my primary address.

Please include:


– Your full legal name.
– Both your registered mobile phone number and your e-mail address – an anon/alias e-mail account used for booking is fine if I have other screening from you. I will not send unsolicited messages in between bookings.

– Exact desired booking date, time and duration. Please specify whether this will include social time or private time only, so I can confirm the rate when responding.

– Location – I’m happy to meet you in your 4/5* Central London hotel or equivalent rental apartment. I may ask for proof of a booking confirmation. I will consider outcalls to your home address if you can provide a reference or two from other providers, and legitimate recent proof of address.

– I can host bookings at my private residential incall location not exceeding 4hrs. Alternatively, if you would like me to book a hotel for us I am happy to do so, but will ask for you to cover the booking cost upfront along with the deposit. Please select ‘hotel incall’ if the latter.

– A little bit about you – an appetiser, if you will, and any other necessary details or questions that I haven’t answered on my website.

– Your preferred choice of screening – options listed in detail below the booking form.


If any of the information I request is not submitted, your enquiry will be ignored until you can complete the form properly.

Limited Availability

Screening Options

The details I request are in place to ensure my safety, and to prevent me from meeting reported bad characters who circulate in this industry.

Please remember that I am verified and have expensive paid upgrades on a number of directories, have dozens upon dozens of intimate photos of me all over the internet, have an established network of other reputable providers, and provide a professional website and social media account for you to be assured that I’m a real and safe person. As an independent, lone working woman providing intimate services, my risk in meeting strangers is far worse than what could happen to you.
If you’re not prepared to share the information I require, please be respectful of my personal boundaries and find someone who has a booking process that you’re more comfortable with.


– Government issued photo ID (driving license or passport). I primarily need to confirm your photo, full name, DOB, and to see the issue/expiry dates, so you can blur out anything else to put your mind at ease.


– Proof of employment/legal name via LinkedIn invite to my discreet screening profile (I won’t accept the request) OR send me a blank e-mail from your company e-mail address – I won’t reply. If I suspect either to be an illegitimate account, I may ask for further screening.


– A selfie with your full face visible, holding a sheet of paper with a unique code that I’ll provide via e-mail, handwritten by you. No other undressed body parts, please and thank you.


– References from two established providers whom you’ve met in the last 12 months. Please ask their permission first and supply me with their preferred contact information – no agencies, I need direct correspondence. Note that I cannot control how long it takes them to check their inbox and verify you, so it’s not the most efficient.


All information is received and retained in a dedicated secure, encrypted Protonmail account which cannot be accessed by anyone other than me. None of your information or details of our meet will be shared unless you cause me harm, whereby only the authorities and industry blacklists will be reported to. My reputation relies on me being discreet and I have nothing to gain from gossip or blackmail.

Central London Incall NW1

If you’re looking to book a date with me at my own incall space and want to first know if the location is convenient, you can use these station walking distances as a guide:


Camden Town, Great Portland Street, Regent’s Park – 12 mins

Euston Square, London Euston – 15 mins

Warren Street – 16 mins

Baker Street – 22 mins

Oxford Circus, King’s Cross St Pancras – 27 mins

88 Bus – 3 mins


There is also pay and display parking 4 mins walk away.


I have fresh towels, mouthwash, fragrance free shower gel, antiperspirant etc. so you can comfortably freshen up on arrival/departure.


If you have any specific preferences for beverages, please let me know in advance.

Deposits & Cancellations

For brief bookings, I will ask that you pay a 30% deposit to ensure your commitment, increasing to 50% for dates 14+ hours long. This can be via bank transfer, through TransferWise, or an e-gift card (of my choosing), and will be deducted from the total rate. Our booking is not confirmed until I have received this, so if I have another enquiry for the same date/time and I receive the deposit from them without hesitation, you will have lost your opportunity for that date. 


Sometimes, life throws us a curveball and we have to make cancellations – I understand. However, the time I set aside is just for you. The loss of income/other opportunities should be compensated for if the cancellation comes with less than 48 hours notice, so I will retain the deposit. With more than 48 hours notice, I am happy to rearrange our date once with the same deposit within 6 months of the original date. If a cancellation happens a second time, the deposit will not be returned and I will not take another booking with you without receiving the full rate in advance.

Should you cancel at the last minute, I may miss out on the opportunity to meet another beautiful being. My time is set aside exclusively for you on a first come first serve basis. I work the various goings-on in my life around our appointment and often have to turn away other clients to reserve your chosen time, even if you’ve booked an hour and someone else is requesting a full day/night. 


The presence of Covid does not make this policy obsolete – sickness has always existed, and trying to evade the deposit loss by turning up to an appointment while unwell (whether it’s a cold, stomach bug, especially an STI) will not be fruitful. I will ask you to leave and will retain the full fee as a consequence of being put knowingly at risk.


In the rare event that I have to cancel, I will refund you the total deposit amount within 48 hours if we cannot reschedule, and if possible I’ll endeavour to rearrange for a more suitable time with you taking top priority in my upcoming availability.


I understand last-minute chaos or traffic sometimes gets in the way of a good time, so I do allow for a 10 minute grace period. If you’re later than this, I can’t guarantee that the full booking time can be pushed back as I may have other plans stacked in to my day.


I want to highlight some crucial expectations in advance of when we do meet.


Health and hygiene

It’s sad that it has to be said, but hygiene is of utmost importance. Please ensure you are properly showered with soap/suitable equivalent (paying special attention to intimate areas, even the neighbours I won’t be directly visiting…). If you don’t have time to do this and you’re visiting me at the end of/in the middle of a busy day, please be prepared to allocate a fraction of your booking time to freshen up before trying to get naked with me.
Oral hygiene also falls under this. It would be most appreciated if you skip the onions in your sandwich at lunch, unless you want me to avoid all attempts at kissing. I won’t hesitate to ask you to go freshen up if it’s clear you haven’t made the effort, so do save us both the awkwardness. It doesn’t take long.
Regardless of whether you had a shower 30 minutes ago, please wash your hands before letting them wander on me. I don’t fancy dealing with the repercussions of the germs on door handles, phones and keycards hanging out in my nether region.

All services will be covered – I provide the protection myself to be sure of no tampering, and will always have a variety of sizes, flavours and latex free options to hand. I may refuse some activities at my own discretion if it is evident that my health may be compromised (think unexplained sores, poor hygiene, long fingernails etc.) so please take responsibility for this prior to our meeting.


With regards to privacy

In the room, I will be vigilant about unnecessary items laying around and may request they be placed in a closed drawer/wardrobe to ensure my own privacy and safety. Yes, even that innocent looking pen or pair of specs. I usually have a bluetooth speaker in my bag in case the hotel/accommodation doesn’t have their own installed. I will have to text a security buddy on arrival whether incall or outcall, but after this I’m happy to keep my own phone hidden away for your own peace of mind.
Outside of the room, please discreetly check in with me before launching into public displays of affection, especially in busy or popular areas. We both run the risk of running into someone we know when out in public, so I will keep my hands to myself unless we mutually agree that some light teasing is something we’re both comfortable with.

If I’m meeting you at your hotel, please be observant of the lobby situation – whether I will get stopped at the door, and whether I will need a keycard to use the lifts. If this is the case, you may need to meet me outside to go in together, so if you’re trying to keep a low profile it would be best to book a hotel that is easier for visitors (me) to navigate alone.



I do not consent to intimacy with clients who take performance enhancing medication, with the expectation that I will endure the extreme difficulty and length of time it takes for you to reach climax. It’s not natural for you to go on for hours at a time with no break – it’s not natural for me either. I cannot accept the physical toll on my anatomy which may render me unable to work (or walk) for several days after. I respect that insecurities and dissatisfaction exist around these things, but I have to put my own health and wellbeing first. As a moral rule, you should always inform a service provider if you’re using such drugs, be fair about accepting the need for rest periods, and potentially not getting the result you want in the time frame you’ve paid for.

I do not accommodate ‘party’ bookings, and have zero tolerance for illicit substances being brought to my incall location. I’m happy to drink with you, providing the bottle hasn’t been opened prior to my arrival, but if it gets excessive or you’re intoxicated from the start, I may cut the booking short for my own safety.

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