Frequently asked questions

You may find some long-winded answers here that will likely become proper blog posts in the near future. We get asked a LOT of ignorant questions in this industry, so part of my answering here is specifically to educate you all to do and know better. I commend you and thank you for taking the time to read and understand.

I purposely share candid selfies alongside professional images to demonstrate I haven’t just swiped pictures off the internet to catfish with, as well as spending more time than I should be writing bad puns and complimenting my colleagues on Twitter and Instagram. However, I have witnessed fake provider profiles popping up recently on social media in order to appear more convincing, so I recommend vigilance and reverse google image searches to find the photo source if they seem suspicious. I’m also verified on a number of directories (Slixa, Tryst, 22 Burlington, Massage Republic, Adultwork and Euro Girls Escort, off the top of my head) which require photo/ID verification, and have met other workers/photographers in the community who can vouch for my true existence. All of the photos on my website have a little ‘edie’ watermark on them, due to having my photos stolen in the past by a bait and switch agency and dodgy directories. We can have a quick chat on the phone if this will ease your concerns, but due to previous stalking I don’t give out my number to anyone who hasn’t already screened. As you can see, you have far more information about me than I do about you.

Most of them do yes, and they’re all completely supportive of my choices as long as I am safe and happy. Most of them barely even reacted when I built up the courage to tell them about it, which was a big relief if not a little underwhelming. I’m incredibly lucky to have such caring and open-minded people around me.

There are very few things that I am OK with discriminating against. Age really is just a number, and nobody wins brownie points for being in a similar age range to me – this I can say from both good and bad experience. However, for the sake of you being mature and responsible enough to make the decision to meet an escort, as well as us having some common ground when we spend time together, I won’t see anyone under the age of 21.

This question is so presumptuous on its surface, that it has almost become a meme amongst sex workers. However, I do understand how stigma and stereotypes presented in the media plant their seed in your brain, despite our best efforts at marketing a certain sophisticated image. Aesthetics aside, there are some VERY important practices around discretion for both client and provider to keep in mind.


Do not discuss other clients/providers in bookings at all. The only time I’m interested in hearing any identifying information from a colleague about a client is in regards to whether my safety will be at risk. Any screening info is kept between you and I – providing you don’t give me a reason to report abuse or repeated time-wasting  – and stored in a separate, encrypted e-mail until after our date, whereby I am happy to delete your information. I have zero interest in hearing gossip or judgement about other providers, whether by name or by not-so-subtle hints, out of respect for their privacy and as a wish to not have my own disregarded when it comes to you sharing your experiences with me to others.


As I get to visit beautiful places and make lasting memories, I sometimes take pictures of meals or a indulge in a sneaky bathroom mirror selfie – some clients enjoy this (for the pride/nostalgia they experience when they see it on their feed) – but if you would prefer I don’t take any photos during our date, do let me know and I will happily respect your wishes. I will always wait at least a few days before sharing images too, so that neither of us have to deal with any creepers trying to track us down by location guesswork.

If we happen to cross paths outside of a booking, I would appreciate you practicing due diligence and not approaching me or making any obvious gesture, especially if it’s evident that I may have someone in my company. Please don’t be offended if this happens and I don’t acknowledge you – it’s for your own sake too.


I will also not contact you in between bookings unless absolutely necessary, to check an important detail about our date or let you know about something urgent. Please, when making an enquiry, specify your preferred method of contact so that I don’t mistakenly land you in trouble. Rest assured that I use codenames whenever I do need to save numbers to my phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some back and forth banter and bonding over inside jokes, but if I responded to every DM, and messaged every client at the frequency expected of me, I would be quite the broke banteress with a claw for a right hand, leaving the relationships in my personal life in tatters. DMs are only open for other sex workers or clients who have paid for my services, and even then, unless I’m being compensated for all the extra time for the back and forth, I may be abrupt or just not reply at all. I charge for bookings by blocks of time for a reason. You wanted a casual, part-time girlfriend – this is me being casual and part-time. If you want to spend extra time communicating between meets, I’m more than happy to quote you some reasonable rates for a texting package that will work for both of us, or direct you to some items on my wishlist, but please note that my time is limited as I have many other things and people to prioritise outside of this work.

Most co-workers of mine admit to being nervous on first dates with clients – even we aren’t immune despite the continued practice. But I don’t want to trivialise real anxieties and insecurities. I know it can be crippling, and that seeing a sex worker can be a very powerful tool in helping people to overcome their worries or lack of experience.


Communication is of utmost importance – whether through e-mail prior or in-person – so that I know how I can best accommodate you, help you to relax, and make sure your experience is both enjoyable and valuable. I hold no judgements against you and I’m incredibly patient. I can set the pace 100%, I can encourage you to be more vocal or assertive, or I can simply give you the chance to try new things in a safe space. It’s very difficult for me to do this blind though, so please give me adequate information and live feedback so that I don’t unknowingly ruin the moment for you.


We do unfortunately deal with time wasters, stalkers and general stigma which can result in hyper-vigilance, so unexplained unusual behaviour may instinctively garner a harsh or defensive misplaced reaction. Be mindful of not expecting excessive labour in terms of back and forth e-mails, without at least compensating me for any extra time being taken to reassure you, as this is often a major red flag of someone who after 20+ carrot-dangling, fantasist e-mails, will not book or even pay so much as a deposit, which as you can imagine gets tiresome pretty quickly. Being considerate in this way shows you have a good level of respect for my time and will be much more likely to result in a successful and fulfilling meet.

I am more than happy to, and will give you a bespoke rate depending on your requirements. I will request the opportunity to speak with both individuals to ensure this is fully consensual and not a one-sided wish being forced upon an unwilling party. You will of course both need to provide screening too.

I’m glad you asked – I have a list of trusted playmates here on my site. If you are interested in arranging a duo/group booking with myself and another escort not listed there, please double check with me so that I can contact them to ensure we’re happy to work together in an intimate space.

This does depend on what the occasion calls for. Typically, I lean towards smart/casual outfits – a cute blouse with fitted jeans or a soft sweater with a midi skirt and heeled boots, or a pretty feminine dress with mid-heeled sandals. As you’d expect, a night at the opera or a day of hiking would require more specific clothing, which I will always endeavour to dress appropriately for. Underneath, I like lace lingerie or unique pieces from independent designers – think Studio Pia, Coco de Mer, Fleur du Mal – most of which can be seen in my photos.

I have a collection of stockings and hold-ups but don’t often choose to wear them, so if you would like me to, please let me know ahead of time. If they are requested to be worn for our private time on an outcall, depending on the season, where I’m going before/after and my chosen outfit, I may need to sneak into the bathroom to change before unveiling my full lingerie look for you.


I don’t wear false lashes, glitter/shimmer, or heavy foundation and rarely wear lipstick (I’m yet to find one that is truly snog-proof) so you needn’t worry about being smeared with tell-tale marks of my femininity. I do wear quite a distinctive fragrance (Le Labo Rose 31 for the curious) but if you’d prefer I didn’t for whatever reason, please inform me beforehand. It’s also worth noting that if our date involves lazing on a beach or in a spa, nature activities, or walking around for hours in a swelteringly hot city, it’s likely I’ll be wearing a bit less make-up than usual to prevent it melting down my face, which is especially stifling in these mask-wearing times. If on an extended/travel booking you still want to experience the more pristine and preened look after a busy day exploring, you will have to give me adequate time to freshen up to get my hair/face/body ready. Even Beyonce doesn’t really wake up like this. I’m happy to be low maintenance to save you waiting around for me, so it’s important you clearly communicate your wishes so that you’re not dissatisfied. I haven’t quite mastered telepathy at this point in time…


Other outfit requests will be decided on a case by case basis. I don’t want to look or feel unlike my usual self when travelling around the city or out and about in your company – after 10 years living in London, there’s always the possibility of running into an acquaintance, and I’d prefer not to feel like I have to explain or hide myself. Not to mention, the first rule of navigating hotel lobbies is to act like you belong, so the aim is to not draw too much attention for both of our sakes. Behind closed doors, if you’re hoping for something I don’t already own, I expect to be reimbursed for any necessary purchases and will ensure this is OK with you before proceeding to buy.

I welcome notes sent directly to me if you would like a place to shout from the rooftops, which I can then add to my testimonials page. I will ensure I have your permission before doing this.

Aside from this, I have a strict NO REVIEW policy. The nature of sites that cater to escort reviews harbour an incredibly toxic and misogynistic culture. They’re commonly written in a sensationalist manner – bragging about things that didn’t happen, or complaining about things that are equally untrue, at times putting worker safety and privacy and risk by sharing too much identifying information or giving other clients the impression that they can get XYZ services, which are actually off-limits.


If I find that any of my clients have breached this policy – regardless of whether the review is positive, negative, or entirely fabricated – I will return the favour by ensuring their details are added to all client blacklists. There is no excuse to betray my discretion here. If you have any feedback during a session I will do all that I can to ensure you leave smiling, but do remember it always takes two to tango. Sometimes the chemistry is simply off and if that is the case, you can move on to the next person, armed with more wisdom about what you want from an encounter.


I do believe it’s fair to share if you have been put in a compromising situation in regards to your own safety, or if you are a victim of bait and switch or catfishing (more likely with an agency than an indie), as this is important information that will keep other clients from being harmed or misled. Not being able to compute the difference between a highly airbrushed photo and the likely reality of a live human being’s skin texture does not fall under this category.

In other words

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