The Girlfriend Experience

What is GFE?

My specialty is the GFE – short for the ‘girlfriend experience’. There are various connotations and each provider will offer something unique to them. Being ‘independent’ means I get autonomy in choosing who to meet, and who to continue seeing, rather than having my fate and biography decided by a third party agency.

For me, the girlfriend experience is about fulfilling a need for connection and intimacy. Maybe you’re too busy for a committed relationship but need that human touch. Maybe you’re missing that spark and variety and want to embrace everything that’s available to you in life.


I offer a sensual experience, where for however long we’re together, we can be engrossed in one another.
It’s the little things – hugs, getting lost in kisses, sharing jokes, sharing pains – that make this different to a ‘means-to-an-end’ detached quickie (as much as I believe there are thrills to be had from rushed, erotically charged encounters too).


I compare it to that exciting, intoxicating honeymoon period of a relationship, where everything is new, sparks are flying, and you’re counting down the days til you can leap on each other again.


Most importantly, I want you to be able to relax in my presence – to be in a space where you can share your deepest desires, without pressure, judgement, or expectation.

In practice, this can take many forms – a brief one hour introduction/reunion where we explore each other’s bodies, with some light-hearted chit-chat before carrying on with our day, or three hours conversing over lunch or walking through the park, venting, dreaming, laughing, whatever it is you need in that moment. It can be spending the full evening together, sharing a delicious dinner or watching a show, then sharing a bed where we have the time for twice as much fun under the sheets, or on any other surface for that matter…


The most exclusive girlfriend experience is having you fly me to you or inviting me to be a travel companion on a trip (in the UK or internationally), where we enjoy endless dates, seeking out the best restaurants, museums, culture and nature while whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears, eagerly anticipating the moment we get to undress each other behind closed doors and I can revel in making you feel like a king.


Each of my clients craves something personal to them, and I’m always open to hearing about how you would like the experience to go, or any suggestions you might have. I’m a big believer in chemistry, so I’m always happy to simply go with the flow and see where our time takes us.


You may have stumbled onto my website and you’re curious about what other alternative services I provide, and whether all this talk of kink is something you want to try yourself. We don’t need to follow a strict genre, and can easily combine and incorporate more scenarios into our play whilst maintaining the affectionate rapport we have. You can use my kink page for inspiration if this is something you’d like to explore together.

What it's not...

There is a reason the acronym PSE exists alongside GFE and BDSM, not instead of. Whether it’s kink or GFE you’re after, please be mindful that I am a human. If you’re more concerned with checking off a list of positions or showing off your stamina, as opposed to being present and enjoying the natural flow of intimacy, we will not be a good fit. I make an effort to stay in fit and flexible shape and thoroughly enjoy being playful and trying new things, but I’m far from qualifying for a Cirque du Soleil performance. For what it’s worth, I’m just as gutted about this as you are.


It is also not an invitation to continue contacting me in between bookings. The ‘girlfriend experience’ happens during the times you have paid for. If you want extra contact in between or prior to our dates – outside of the necessary comms relating to arranging our meets within reason – please ensure you’re compensating me for this, or at least showing gratitude for my responsiveness with gifts or vouchers from my wishlist. If you’re unsure, please ask. I’m always open to bespoke messaging packages for those who are interested in this. I’m also open to longer term non-exclusive arrangements in the UK. This can be discussed after at least our first meet has taken place.

Craving more?

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